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    quick question

    Im in week 2 of my test dbol cycle and I'm trying to bulk up my upper. My legs are strong as hell but i still stick to my routine. Heres the question. Since my arms and shoulders are never sore can i throw in some preachers hammers and a few arm workouts at the end of my routine everyday? Or should i still allow healing time. Am i wasting my time?

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    You can add volume into you arms day or do it twice a week.

    on roids you heal faster, so over training should not be a problem.

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    IMO 2X per week is enough.

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    Just remember you don't grow in the gym. You need to rest harder than you train. Just when you are training a lagging body part make sure you are training to absolute failure. If you do the body part will grow if your eating enough. As lunk said 2 x EW is plenty. I know many that only do once a week because there training is so intense they wouldn't be able to do a second session

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