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Thread: Clen/T3/fat burners

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    Clen/T3/fat burners

    Whats up guys. I have a friend that wants to take something to shed some fat. I've never used Clen /T3 ect. Just wanted to hear some of your opinions. He doesn't want to take any AAS. Just fat burners.

    He is 25, about 5'9"/10, around 180 lbs, maybe 12-13% body fat, excersizes regularly, eats well. No cycle history.

    He's thinking about Clen only. Is there anything he should take with or after it? He was telling me people recommend taking taurine with it. I see the obvious point of starting with a small dose and tapering up... but there is no point in tapering down, right? 2 weeks on, two weeks of for a couple months? Anything else I(He) should know? Good starting dose? Max Dose?

    Opinions on Clen vs T3?

    Thanks in advance

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    Love clen and T3 but I'm "on" and I personally wouldn't run T3 without it. Clen is fine without and yes have him take taurine and go slow. My first time I started at 40mcg and a few days later upped it by 20 and so on. For two weeks then stop. Unless he runs keto with it. Then he can run clen as long as he likes but IMHO I like to give my body a rest period and adjust my diet to keep stripping off fat. Then hit it with the clen again.

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    T3 works great for me. Better than any AAS actually. Probably my favorite compound. My body can't handle Clen . 40 mcg of clen and I'm bedridden for 2 days.

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    Id tell him to consider albuterol along with ketotifen. Its shorter half life makes it more manageable than clen . Check it out and if you have any ?'s post back.
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    agree. When does evil things to me. I would also check out albuterol instead.

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