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    Ultra Rip 400.. advice on dosage

    How it going guys?

    Starting a bulk with Ultra rip 400. Test E 200mg/ml , Tren E 100mg/ml & Masteron E 100mg/ml. My previous 2 cycles were short estered. This is my first long estered cycle. I have pct etc in place so no need to discuss that.

    Im just looking for opinons on dosage i.e How many mls for how many days of the week? Previous rip blends I used were short estered and I pinned 1ml eod . Am I right in saying I pin this 400 blend twice a week only about 4 days apart? At 1 ml per those 2 days?

    As I said its my first long estered cycle and I would still consider my body new. I understand the sides from the enthanate on all compounds has amplified sides but I experienced only one side on the previous cycles.. night sweats.

    All and any advice greatly appreciated

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    I hope you ran tren before starting this bro. The tren enan is not as easy to chase out of your system as tren ace(it takes weeks Vs. days).

    I don't like the test dose in that mix too much.

    But, I'd do like 3ml a week split into 2. But, I still can't say I like it. Your test will be @ 600mg per week, Tren E @ 300 & Mast @ 300.

    I would prefer: 300mg of test, Tren @ about 500mg+ & Mast also the same as the tren @ 500mg or so.

    Of course you can cut the doses, but I like ^ proportions much better.

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    I personally like shorter Tren cycles. I've had issues with recovery with longer Tren cycles. If you do 1ml twice a week the Tren dosage isn't too much and you'll get good results. Keep your diet tight and you should be fine.

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