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Thread: thought on this bulk cycle!!

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    thought on this bulk cycle!!

    hi guys

    i am going to start a lean bulk cycle (by lean bulk i mean im goin to keep diet as tight as i can and keep the bf gains to as low as i can without effecting the bulk). im going to do a 16wk cycle that goes like this

    test e - 1000mg wk 1-16
    deca - 750mg wk 1-14
    primo - 800 mg wk 1 14

    hgh - 3iu pharma grade growth
    slin - 10 iu post workout
    ghrp 6 - twice a day for appeite support

    armidex - .5mg ed

    stats - 6" ft, 26 years old, 196lb, currently 5.5% bf after a strong cutting cycle, cycling for 5 years tried nearly all compunds except this is 1st time trying primo

    can anyone give me feedback on this cycle combined its been over 3 years since took deca and never done primo before but the combo if these 3 looks like a good mix for lean gains along with the hgh

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    I'd run it!

    But I'd lower the deca to 400mg ew..
    And do 2iu gh twice a day..
    But that's just me..
    Hope you have pct lined out! Hcg ? I'd never run another cycle wo it!

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    You have pics to prove of this 5% bf u speak of?
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    That's a very advanced level cycle. A lot of stuff for a guy your size, but it is what it is. If your going to dose big, then eat big, lift big, and grow big.

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