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    question about oral's

    1. Is liver toxicity the only real problem with orals?
    2. If you had no source and couldn't wait, would you choose orals?
    3. If not, why?
    4.Is there any difference between a oral cycle or injectable? ex. AI or PCT
    5.If one were to keep their oral cycle simple, would the liver toxicity really be that bad?
    6.What are some ways to decrease liver toxicity? ex: vitamins and such

    sorry for all the questions guys, just trying to do as much research as possible!

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    1. No.
    2. No.
    3. Because I prefer to function like a man on cycle.
    4. Injectable is less toxic. More effective in many cases.
    5. Not just liver toxicity, but lethargy, fatigue, etc... will ruin your progress.
    6. Liver protectants such as NAC.

    Stay away from oral only cycle. This is an amateur move and you'll end up wasting money.

    "It's human nature in a 'more is better' society full of a younger generation that expects instant gratification, then complain when they don't get it. The problem will get far worse before it gets better". ~ kelkel

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    my 2 c: liver toxicity is not to be taken lightly...I spent last two weeks shuttling my old man from doc to doc because of his messed up liver...not AAs related, but rather alcohol and nivaquine (which is a drug taken to fight malaria in Africa).

    Dad ended up with elevated ammonia levels which caused hepatic encephalopathy...and its not easy seeing a person loose control of his nervous functions...add to it that any proteins consumed end up as ammonia because they cannot be removed from the body in the normal way you get a nightmare, especially for a bodybuilder...

    this might be an extreme case scenario i agree but still worth one pondering on it and it has changed a lot of how i look at these things...

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