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    Coming off first cycle

    Well after reading many of the posts and articles, one of the things I gathered was that you should get ALL of your gear before starting. After many promises of receiving clomid, I began a cycle of 400mg cyp and 20mg/ed D-bol. In three weeks my cycle will end and I have no clomid.

    Is there anything I can get from GNC that might help my situation or I am just SOL?

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    It sucks when you have to learn this lesson the hard way, especially when you start feeling those itchy nips and your body is wasting away losing all of it's gains. IMO clomid and nolva are the FIRST supps you should be getting, along with perhaps liquid/arimidex .
    OTC get some ZMA and tribulus terrestis. Not nearly as good as clomid post cycle but it will help. BTW have you been promised clomid by your source? Have you paid for it? These will help you but you need to keep trying to get the clomid. Go to and order some, maybe it will get there in time. Good luck bro


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    you have 6 weeks before you hafta start using it (3 weks after cycle) so get to researching, begging, asking (privately) bros to help u out, etc. ur going to need it an u still have time.

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    try an online pharm if you have to, get some clomid.

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    you have enough time you should be fine to be able to find some ask around

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    Just get a few buddies together and go rob a pharmacy or two. Grab me some test, Arimidex and whatever other goodies you find while you're at it please.

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