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    2nd cycle advice

    4 months ago was my first cycle, I did deca ans suss. The suss made me a monster nad the deca made me hard and trimmed a lil fat. I'm now doin my 2nd cycle... 4 shots of suss a week. I wanna add a lil size but really wanna trim all my fat off. I'm having a real hard time getting eq, and have lots of clenbuterols. When do I incorporate the clens, to trim up all my size and what else could i use to get my body fat all the way down. I'm at about 13-14% currently. Thanks!

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    the best way to get your bodyfat down is to simply clean up your diet. low fat, med carb , high protein. incorporate some type of cardio 4 times a week. the clen can be added at any time during the cycle, but is best used post cycle. arimidex or liquidex would help with the bloated look most get from sust. you could run 4-6 weeks of winny at the end of your cycle also. 50mgs per day.

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    1 gram of sus is way too much for your second cycle bro.
    500 mg is pleanty or if your determined to do alot 750.
    as for the clen run it post cycle . SEE WHAT YOUR BODY WILL TOLORATE AND RUN IT FOR 2WKS ON 2 WKS OFF.sorry caps were on ,not yelling

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    sounds like this guy needs to do more research

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    totally agree with 4 plates, 1 gram for a second cycle is way too much.

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    Some kind of padded room...wearing some kinda white jacket...can't!
    Clen should definately be run post cycle, JMO.

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