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    Hows this cycle lookin?

    I have some D-bol tabs, and some Winny Tabs, thinking of running a small cycle:

    weeks 1-4: 40 mg dbol /day
    weeks:1-6: 50 mg/winny day

    Just looking for a little mass and weight, i know the dbol will only be water, but i figure its good to "jumpstart" the cycle. The winny will cut me up some too, which is what i want also, and ive read on here many times how winny cycles alone have given 10-12 lbs, and cut up. Let me know what you all think.


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    TERRIBLE. no doubt about it. sorry bro but thats not a great cycle. To start with you are running two 17aa roids. not a good idea. 2nd you have no test. whats a cycle without test? 3rd why no injectables? you afraid of needles? so you want to bloat with dbol and then cut with winny? bro im not tryin to be a dick but you should stick around and learn some more before you start this.


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    Don't do it... you're just wasting money. Like Symatech says, add test... make the cycle longer... try and use steroids that react synergetically. You're not gonna get anything out of that one.


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    i wouldnt recommend it bro.

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