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    Low dose Test and moderate to high dose anabolic cycle's

    Morning guys.

    A lot of people are adopting the low dose test and mod-high dose tren approach when cycling those two compounds and aren't experiencing any libido or other sides on cycle.

    Will this approach also work with deca or npp. From what i have read so far most guys still use test higher with a nandrolone regardless of the AI's and DA they use on cycle.

    Has any one here tried it and had success and no mister floppy. I know the reason behind the dreaded "deca d!ck" so that's why I'm wondering why some still suffer this even after all precautions were taken.


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    Please Austinite! You will have a problem, it takes longer. Read Austinite's stickies. he can explain all the wonderful mysteries of our HPTA and other systems and has helped me. Regards John

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    you can use low dose test with deca /npp if you want...

    since everyone is different, only way to know for sure would be to do a little experiment to see how your body reacts to different dosages..

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    This^^^ and if you keep your e2 in check and you won't have problems like a floppy wee man
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