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    How to inject Test Prop + Mast Prop

    Hi guys,

    So I'll be starting a new cycle soon and I have a question. My previous cycles were test prop only. It was easy. ED shots for 8 weeks.

    I'm about to start a new cycle test prop/mast prop but since I like pinning ED to avoid PIP I was wondering how should I proceed.

    Should I draw individually my daily dosage of test and mast and blend them together in the same vial then inject?

    Or should inject them individually? If I inject each compound by itself can I pin the same muscle twice the same day? (one from test and one mast). I only have 8 injection sites so not sure how to do this.

    Sorry for my english and for the noob question.


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    Nutrition isn't the right place for this.

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    gonna try to get this moved for u

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