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    epidrol with test c cycle: let me get some opinions plz

    I say anything I did use the search feature, I have done a lot of reasearch and have a mild bakground in the medical field, so save your smart ass coments for other threads. Hears the deal I have 2 bottles of AT epi-drol (15mg epi; 25mg halodrol), 2 bottles of purus labs organ sheild, 5000iu hcg , and getting either clomid or nolva soon.
    I wanna gain and keep as much as possible, ill be eating atleast3500 cal aday

    Epistane 30 30 30 45 45 45
    Halodrol 50 50 50 75 75 75
    Possibly test c
    Durring:Hcg 250iu eod
    Purus Lab Organ sheild
    Fish Oil
    Post:Clomid or Nolva
    Organ sheild
    Possibly hcg
    What do yall think? Also I was considering running with test e or c, would that be appropriate? I am not sure the best way of doing it, should I stack them? How long should I run test? Ideas

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    epidrol with test c cycle: let me get some opinions plz-nobody-knows-youre-dog.jpg

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