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Thread: Clen cycle

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    Clen cycle

    Hello all,

    as for clen , many different methods are proposed.

    Im going with 100 mcg pills ... What do u guys propose taking in consideration that im taking vacations in 2 months from now. How many rounds can should i fit in there

    diet is already in motion for the past month

    thanks guys

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    2wks on/off is a good start. Increase water intake. Bananas if you cramp. And take tourine.

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    better not start that high of a dose to begin. Start low, see how you react and raise each dose each day. Some guys like to start at 20 a day and go up to a 100 four about 2 weeks on/off. Clen at high doses can have some big sides I have heard. never used it just from reading. plenty of threads on clen here.

    What makes you want to use it, you have been here a long time so you must know about diet/training.

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    Personally I'd recommend austinites fat burning stack over clen . Cheaper and has much better, safer results.

    I speak from experience. I've used most stacks, pills, gw501516, clen, ect, ect. His stack is the best I've ever used next to gear/steroids .

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    Do not start a clen cycle with 100mcg the first day. I did 60mcg the first day and I didn't sleep for 48 hours. Start low at about 40mcg and increase by 20mcg each day until the shakes get too bad.
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