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    how often and with what?

    im using right now testoprim getting bigger and everythinghas gone up..weight, is good..not really worried about that....but im also looking for you guys think that winstrol , or clenbuterol .. or what.......what will help me.......figured id ask ..seems like thepeople on here know there shit...any advice ??

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    Clen could help cut bodyfat if that is a problem for you..eq really seems to bring out the striations and vascularity for me..winny would be my second choice..

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    If you want the vascualrity, I would definitely go with equipoise . It is the shit. Makes you look very vascular. Run it at like 600mg/wk. You'll love the eq.

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    eq and low bf will bring out veins. You want to increase blood volume to stimulate vasolidation so another trick would be to use EPO, though it'd be tough to find unless you know some cyclists.
    Also, doing very high reps and going for an incredible, prolonged pump should help over time increase vascularity in desired areas.

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