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    New to Anabolics, Need guidance on cycle.

    So im new to cycling on anabolics, though i have been working out for years now. Want i want to know is what would be a good cycle for me to do considering this is my first time doing a cycle. I know there is several types of test and i dont know much about them but i really just want to do it the right way way without abusing it. I know there is no way to avoid the side effects of test and it all depends on your own body, but maybe something that wouldnt have such severe side effects. again im new to all this so please barely with my noob language. So im looking into putting on more size without increasing my body fat percentage.

    Im eating 3,000 calories a day, around 500cal every 3hrs; 6 meals daily; doing 20-25min cardio 4x a week (if im lucky) my BMR is around 1800cal

    This is my split

    Sat. REST
    Sun- hamstrings

    Keep in mind, this is my current routine. I change up everything every 3-4 weeks.

    ht: 5'9
    wt: 170lb
    bf%: 11%

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    Welcome to the board mate

    I would suggest starting by reading the stickies. There's a TON of info there!
    Stuff you really need to know before attempting a cycle.

    This is a good place to start:

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    Welcome. I also suggest the stickies. Tons of great info.


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