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Thread: SARMS in PCT.

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    SARMS in PCT.

    Well since my "first cycle" thread, I've come across something ive wanted to address.

    Maybe it's the fact that my rat wont be running any aggressive steroids like test e or tren , etc. He simply wanted to run an albut/keto cycle. From my understanding albut IS NOT AAS.

    Upon further research GW struck an interest, and this led to Ostarine,and S4. So my rat is now in the thoughts of running this triple stack with my albut.

    I notice that most people that run ANY of these that i mentioned, are during PCT, after they ran the big dawgs(test e, tren etc). Why is that?

    Am i alone in wanting to run these as a "cycle" themselves? Not in a PCT? Just thought i would ask that, i havent been able to find an answer lol.

    Apart from that, I have been trying to find some info on Ostarine and S4 as to IF THEY ARE or are not in fact Suppressive, and if they are, would you guys think that this is correlated to the fact that most people that run these are in PCT to stuff that is suppresive?

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    Thats some rat u must have

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