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    First Cycle looking for some advice

    Hello everyone.

    My name is Mike, I'm 23 years old and have been training for roughly 6 years since I went from being a big piggy in high school and seriously training since 20. I am now currently 1 week into my first ever cycle and pretty excited about it. Here's some stats for you to get a general idea of where I am. I'm 5'9 and 185 lbs at about 13% body fat. Now I'm running a 15 week cycle of test 400 and anavar . Weeks 1-15 of test 400 at 1 cc twice a week and anavar at 60 MG a day for weeks 1-6. Thus far I've noticed a big increase in pumps in the gym and hardness and overall strength but I understand it takes a few weeks for the test to fully start working, looking back on it I wish I choose to run dbol for the extra mass gains but you live and you learn. I also get that many of you may think I'm too young but I've already made the decision and I'm going about it safely and smart, got my levels checked pre cycle and plan and having them checked once more mid cycle and then 4 weeks after pct and I have done my research. I just have some questions regarding PCT. I have Nolva on hand should sides present themselves during cycle. For pct I am planning on running HCG 3 weeks prior to PCT to get the boys functioning again and then running clomid/nolva afterwards. Now my question is about the dosing of the medicine and when to start. From what I gather the hcg should be run 3 weeks BEFORE pct so week 15-17 or 18 and then PCT 18-21?. If I could get some feedback and the proper dosages of pct to take that would be great! thanks guys.

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    Bump please would like some advice?

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    800mg of test per week is to high for your first cycle. No need to go over 500 and even 400 would do the trick for you. And maybe even shorten the cycle to 12 weeks.

    First cycle should also be test only so save the anavar for later use.

    HCG should be used during cycle from week one through the last week of test.

    And PCT should be nolva and clomid.

    Hope this helps and good luck!

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