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    Exclamation Could anyone give some advice on a curtain GYNO problem!?

    hello im john, not totally new here but I don't post much, I just search through the forums...I have a serious issue though. about 3 months ago or so I ran a prohormone cycle of h-drol and tren . I actually never finished it or properly did a pct because I got in some leagal trouble... About a month ago I got a lump under my left nipple. Its alittle sensitive and puffy. Any advice on a product or products I should get to help with my issue? Ive seen ppl post about letro and nolva. or should I do letro and clomid? Or what products should I get and how should I dose it and taper them and how long? Please any advice would Help!! thanks a lot, John.

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    I can't give you suggestions except to see a doc to confirm how severe is your gyno, members have use rolax 60 mgs ed successfully, so maybe something to look into.

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    So your drapes have gyno???

    Seeriously...get it looked at before assuming it's gyno. It could be anything from cancer to just having fat tits!

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    The above two answers are what you should do.... Have it looked at and get bloodwork to see how your E2 is.

    With that said..... There's quite a few gyno reversal threads - search em and read up. See which one you want to try if its confirmed gyno. All your questions can be answered in those threads.
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