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    Question First Cycle

    Hey guys I am new to the board, and just wanna say I have learned alot just from reading the posts. I was just wondering what you guys think of a cycle I wanna do as my first. Let me tell you a few things about me. I am 6'0", 220lbs and my goals are that I want to gain strenght and get cut. I was thinking about taking the following. Let me know what you guys think.
    Aretest, EQ, and T3, and of course clomid. Thanks guys I really appreciate it. Arnold.

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    no flame bro,
    but be a little more specific............what kind of doses did you have in mind?
    duration of cycle?
    test and eq is a good combo, but youll need some anti'es to combat gyno if youre prone to it. glad to see youre running clomid too, so many new brothers forget this at the end of their cycle.since this your first, dosages dont have to be extreme imho.

    ara- 500mg week 8-10 weeks
    eq -400mg week 8-10 weeks

    you might want to throw in some dbol @30-40mg ed for the 1st 4 weeks until test kicks in, but that is totally up to you bro.

    peace bb79
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    aratest and eq look good bro. but i would forget the t3 for now. go with 500mgs ara a week and 400mgs eq a week for 10 weeks. start your clomid 3 weeks aftyer your last injection.

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