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    I was thinking of doing HGH, i have done alot of cycles. My question id how many iu's do i need

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    How old are you ? If you are younger then 35 then I would stay away from HGH....As you get older your GH levels drop thus the reason for GH use but when you are younger you need to up the dose to get the desired effects but with that comes the chance of irreversable side effects. To answer your question, a typical dose would be 4-6iu/Day for 5 days on and 2 days off and I would go on it for at least 14 weeks minimum and stack it with some form of AAS


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    Bump for Mustangs advice.

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    Ranger Guest
    I agree with M18, as for dosage....less for a long time, is better than alot for a short time....

    3.5 to 4iu's per day for 3 to 4 months will give greater results than 6 to 12iu's per day.....and there would be no sides.....

    I would research the subject alot, and then check the prices.....once you see the prices, and how many kits you'd need, it may have an impact on your choice....<wink>


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    Price alone is a factor but if you add the fact that you need to get other AS along with GH it becomes expenseive. Also health is a concern to the side effects of Growth can not be reversed Bone Growth for example on AS you lose a little hair maybe get some Gyno. IMO not worth the risk.

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