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    What Happens to the Anabolic Steroids Confiscated by Law Enforcement Officers?

    Sometimes it is exactly what you think happens to it!

    What Happens to the Anabolic Steroids Confiscated by Law Enforcement Officers?

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    I have a friend that is a county sheriff in a small community and I asked him what he does with the evidence when it is time to destroy it he takes it home and burns it with his trash in a barrel.Would not be that hard to misplace some of it but he did turn down my offer of me helping him haul it home

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    That reminded me of an old comedy movie where some lady was asking some guy in bar if he had anything. He said "Im a cop" and she said "cool, cops always have the best sh!t." Of course every imaginable thing happens depending on the cop that confiscated it. But if you didn't get arrested you should be happy because maybe the officer wanted to keep it and did not want to write up a report. If you did get arrested, it will probably go into evidence and then be destroyed. If you ordered something abroad and received a letter it will just get destroyed and you probably wont hear about it again. But of course there are too many variables and too many different types of people confiscating anything to really know; except diesel who happens to be friends with someone he could ask.

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    use it on farm animals
    More beef- bigger steaks

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    I don't trust law enforcement much anyways. Who know's what they do with it.

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