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    Considering going on for life, advice and experiences would be appreciated.


    Well first off I may start with I am well aware of the side effects that comes with this. I may lose the ability to to ever have children, recovery is no longer a question and so on.

    Bodybuilding is my life, its whats gives me joy in life. Its the highlight of my life and there is nothing else I would like to do, its EVERYTHING to me.

    I started working out when I was 14. I am 25 years old today and have 3 cycles under my belt. I am at a point where I have been a year off steroids and I am not seeing gains anymore. I have a lower testosorone level then I should have at my age becouse I used at such a young age, even with proper PCT with doctor appointments to monitor all sorts of levels and values during my cycles and during pct.

    I am going to have to go on Testosorone Replacement Therapy and after alot of consideration I have decided that that I am going to cruise on a low dose of test for life and do a blast once a year tops.

    As I said, bodybuilding is the only important thing in my life and I would like to take it to the next level. I am going to cruise on Test and never go off. Recovery is out of the question at this point and I would like to know what to except, experiences, advices and such. I will not start this cruise cycle another year or so. I want to be as prepeared and gather as much knowledge as I possibly can and in the meanwhile I will do regular TRT replacement to keep a normal value while I gather information.

    Also what worries me is Acne, i suffered from severe acne during my PCT due to very unstable hormones and have alot of scars. I have been given accutane but I am worried it might come back if I cruise as hormones will never be perfectly stable.

    I need to have TRT anyway, so why not cruise above average levels and pursue my dream in life as its the only thing that matters in MY life, yours may be different but this is my one true passion in life. Advices and experiences would be much appreciated

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    What is your trt dose and what dose test do you plan to run at? You made it sound as they wont be the same.

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    I would Copy and paste in ---http://forums.steroid .com/hormone-replacement-therapy-low-testosterone -treatment-anti-aging/

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    What are you test levels? Lh?

    You should go see a endo

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    You seem a bit confused, basically TRT is a cruise. So your going to do a regular TRT replacement while planning for a cruise in a year or so.

    You should post you latest blood work up for review. At 25 this is ridiculous unless it has been clinically proven necessary

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