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Thread: Blood work done

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    Blood work done

    Hey guys, been off cycle for atleast a year and ill be honest, i havent been working out like i should with work picking up and going back to school. but went to the doc last week and got some blood work done because my gyno has never subsided all the way along with a low libido i was worried my hormones are out of wack. Well, got the results back today and everything came back normal! Which is bittersweet because on one hand im glad everything is ok, but on the other hand why the hell do i have gyno with a low sex drive at 27 years old!? So i guess im on here trying to see if yall have any suggestions or tips that would help me get back to normal! thanks for taking the time to read this i hope everyone has a blessed day!

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    what did you take/for how long? Also, have you ever taken propecia, finasteride or the like?

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