Hey all. I'm trying to get some fast twitch and power for this weekends bike sprinting race.
My plan was to take 50mg of test prop ED with 25mg of winstrol Ed injected. I took HCG 250iu every other day with winstrol inject 50 Ed a while back and after like the 5th day I was 10 lbs more of water and at night my heart was racing like crazy. I actually got slower at sprinting. A week later off everything I took clomid dhea and Tamox and later that day my leg speed an power was insane. It went away in a couple weeks. Now let me inform you Guys the heart racing And being slower was the winstrol. The HCG makes me a little faster and stronger but doesn't give me that leg speed so the heart racin and feeling like crap was the winstrol. I was thinking Bc I didn't run test? Well, I tryed test again yesterday and I woke up feeling sick and I couldn't sleep. So I took dhea clomid and Tamox. I felt better within a couple hours. I was thinking to either run winstrol alone or with pregnenolone or clomid with dhea?! Or I was thinking to take 75mg and get off it after Friday and do what I did when I went off It the first time? Basically I'm messin with it to be fast this weekend at the fast I can. I need to mention that my lipids r kind of messed u. Total cholesterol 206
Doesn't that effect me being on anabolivs? As in... Will they work incorrectly or make me feel worse?
Any input will help. I don't want to get reposes about my training or diet. Bc that didn't matter the first Time and it doesn't matter now.