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Thread: Lethargy while on Tren?

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    Lethargy while on Tren?

    A little over a week into my first Tren cycle and for the last three days have felt absolutely zapped for energy. All I want to do is sleep but doesn't matter how much I get I'm still tired. I'm getting to the gym but the energy just isn't there. I am running a little lower on cals than normal and have cut my carbs quite a bit. I'm guessing this is partially to blame but my lethargy is much stronger than previous cut cycles where I did the same.

    I'm running low dose AI and caber. I know Tren reduces T3 but am not supplementing any. Could this be part of the problem? I have zero other sides with the exception of some extra sweating but, nothing too bad. No real insomnia or extreme night sweats... but it's early in the cycle too.

    Cycle is:
    50 mg Tren Ace ED
    30 mg Test Prop ED
    50 mg Winstrol ED

    Running Aromasin and Caber as well as HCG .

    Any suggestions? Suck it up and deal? Anyone else have this problem?

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    Check blood pressure, and hydration.

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    I would lean towards it being the effects of a new diet more than anything else. Every time I've dieted, even if I had done the exact same thing a previous diet I didn't always feel the same. Your body changes, and as a result how you feel changes. Anyway, regardless of the diet, if I have a rough first week (sometimes do, sometimes don't) usually another week or two and I'm good. If you're not good by then you might need to tweak things.

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    High estrogen can do it too. I've only noticed lethargy from dbol .

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    Its a common side effect from tren . You could get your rbc checked but tren kills your Cardio performance.
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    Like Marcus said you will have to deal with it. Nothing will take away the horrible side effects of tren and the more test you run alongside the worse it can get due to elevated estrogen in a now progesterone environment.

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    not only tren , but some of the orals make me feel lethargic too. like drol.......

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