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Thread: when to inject

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    when to inject

    i know this has been beaten to death, but when in the week should i inect, im injecting 200 mg of test and decca two times a week, should i inject monday and then thurs or tues and then friday or what?

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    Should i eat chicken or steak? Bro, whatever you prefer.

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    fast acting vs long acting(esters)

    It could depend on what kind of test you are using?

    If you were injecting prop or an AS that contained prop or phenyl
    like sus or omna, I would inject it on days i would be working out

    Example: If I wasn't going to workout sat or sun then why inject
    on fri. If it's oil based like sus then it takes 24hrs to reach your
    blood stream.So IMO if I was using sus or omna containg the
    fast acting prop and phenyl then I would go sun and wed.But if
    your gonna use enanthate or cyp then it's like chicken or steak.

    Hope this helps you out!....and Happy growing!

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