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    Can too much AI have a negative impact on gains?

    Does some estrogen need to be present for optimal gains?

    Example: a person taking 1mg of arimidex every other day vs a person taking .25mg eod. Hypothetically speaking, would the latter make more gains?

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    From a point of view of gains only with all else held equal lower the Estrogen the easier to damage the muscles the more you can rip and repair.

    At minimal you will be depressed like Rosanne Barr when she found out they stopped making twinkies. You would also be hypogonadal like a big dog. Some aspects of HEPA are only fulfilled via estrogen.

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    yes, its needs to be balanced, start with 0,25 eod and see how you go best bet get bw while on cycle and see what your E is telling you.

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    Too low of E2 can wreck your performance, and pretty much screw over a cycle, no joke. My preference is a twice weekly dose to match my test injections, 8-12 hours after. I tend to crash using it eod, even if dose is the same in total over the week.

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