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    First cycle critique please Test Prop

    Ok so here goes....
    30 y/o. 6 foot 222 at 14 % body fat.

    Never ran any gear. That being said, played football in college and worked out pretty religiously. Took some time off and gained a lot of weight. Have since dropped almost 100 pounds.

    I have been doing 5/3/1 for two years now with good results. I just now want to see how far I can take it. My diet is solid. Still slowly cutting on 2750 a day. I eat clean, avoid soy and processed foods. I take whey, BCAAS, and creatine HCL.

    So with all that out of they way I am planning a test prop 8 week cycle to get started. 125 EOD. Doing prop because I want to get to PCT as fast as possible so my next cycle can start in October. Won't mind the EOD pinning. Have letro and will take in very small dose EOD and adjust as needed. Have hcg for last four weeks of cycle. Also have Nolvadex for PCT. Have other nature items on hand...milk thistle and such to help get right. Getting blood tests today and will have one done mid cycle and post Pct.

    Did I miss anything? (Sorry for any typos...on my phone)

    Kind regards

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    Try this thread

    It will explain your AI, HCG and PCT so you can work on those aspects.

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