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Thread: Need help with Spawn cycle

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    Need help with Spawn cycle

    I'm 23 and have been lifting for years and was given Spawn awhile back. I have been take bing 3 a day along with milk thistle but I have no idea what post cycle I need to take and when. My friend told me to take nolvadex 2 weeks after my last spawn pill but I don't know how much to take and for how long. I have seen on other forums people saying 30/20/20/10 but I have no idea what it means. Please help

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    What the heck is Spawn? What's in it, some sort of herbal supplements?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Bastard View Post
    What the heck is Spawn? What's in it, some sort of herbal supplements?
    Its a dumb PH...

    OP ur 23 ur going to mess urself all up.. Trust me... 1 1/2 years limp d**k, $3000 doc bills trying to figure out what was wrong with me and how to fix it, got fat right after cycle cuz of low test...not worth it bro....... EAT (clean) and when u think ur full EAT (clean) again... U will grow.. Btw u will not get right pct over the counter to help u back yo normal.... Check out ar-r .com
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    dont ask for a source thx
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    fyi not really knowing what spawn actually is, because its an oral you should start taking your pct the day after your last dose...waiting 2 weeks could be disastrous for you...hopefully some one experience with spawn will chime in...

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    Start your pct the day after your last pill. You can run it 40/20/20/20 which means 40 mgs a day for the first week and then 20 mgs a week for the next three weeks. Some will argue you only need three weeks of pct, I like to run it die four personally.

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    Stop taking it-it's bad stuff why you think they taken it off market.
    Any way run clomid for pct but stop taking that crap now.

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    If you're going to run any sort of AAS, get the real deal and stay away from the legal crap that has never been shown to be safe in humans, or any living organism for that matter. You have no idea what the hell it will do to you down the road since it is not used in modern medicine.

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