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    Detectability of Clomid / AAS during PCT in normal drug test


    I was told yesterday that due to me emigrating to the U.S. this fall, I need to do blood work and xray to confirm immunization against Syphilis and TBC.
    However, I am currently on Clomid, week 3 of 4 with 50mg ed. Any chance they will detect this, or the AAS through blood tests? My form does only have the Syphilis box checked for what they will test for, and only one vial will be drawn.

    Im drawing blood tomorrow, so I have no chance to get rid of it before.

    The cycle I was on was 500mg Test-E pr week for 8 weeks.
    Anyone have any experience with these kind of drug tests?

    Thanks for all responses.

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    They are finding what they are looking for

    So no they wont see it

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