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    First cycle anavar and test

    This is my first cycle and I have been lifting for a year regularly. I am 24 years old and 198 lbs around 16% body fat. My bench max is 280 and I can not squat due to a car accident that broke my lumbar 3 and 5 vertebrae. I asked my guy to get me a bottle of anavar and test e. I got the anavar from him and he said it would be about a week till he got the test. I decided to not wait till the test came in to take the anavar, so I am now 13 days in at 50mg a day. I just received my test. Is it too late to go ahead and use the test or should I wait. Also how long should I cycle test and how much per week. Thanks

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    Start using test right away
    Otherwise u will have your nuts shut done unless u already have that

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    What else are you using on cycle? AI, HCG ? PCT plans? For some reason im thinking you havnt done your research,

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    For starters please post your entire cycle and your goals. Never start your orals before you start tes.

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    what are your stats?
    why didn't you ask pre starting the var then we could point you in the right direction?
    one years worth of training isn't really a good foundation to start a cycle, you really need to learn how to execute training and diets first before going straight into steroids .

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    I was planning on doing 350/week test for 8 weeks while doing 50/day anavar for 6 weeks. I have clom and nolv as a pct going to do for 4 weeks after. My main goal is to cut up and add some strength. I know I should have waited till the test came in but I was anxious to get started. So it wouldn't hurt if I started it now that I have it right?

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    You can go ahead and start, but your not ready to do steroids .
    1 year of training is nothing, and you have no clue what to take when or why.
    Would you build a house without a foundation.
    Would you build a house without a plan.
    I think not.

    You should stop this and do a adequate PCT.
    Your test probably only one 10 ml vial isn't going to be enough anyway and will keep for a couple years till you have a foundation and a plan.

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