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Thread: Winny question

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    Winny question

    Hi all , new guy here to the forums. I'm currently running a light cycle , 500 mg of test E with 30 mg of winny a day. Clean diet , lift 5 days a week. I been running cycles for a few years and know what I'm doing. I been dosing 30 mg a day of winny tabs for 4 weeks and really did to see any results. My question is should I run another 4 weeks at 50 mg or switch to T3 with the test E? My goal is to shed a little fluff , my stats are 5'10 200 pounds age 38. Diet is 6 meals a day with good fats and clean carbs, any advice is welcome.

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    Welcome to the forum. to your success.

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    Just sounds diet related, might want to change your diet, or drop a few calories. I would avoid t3 unless you are getting seriously shredded, or are going to run it long enough to make it worth the hard time after you come off before your naturally thyroid function is restored. If you are taking NAC you should be fine running winny another 4 weeks. I've ran winny as low as 20mg a day, and as high as 100 mg a day for just one week. But honestly at 30 you should be able to enhance recovery and build some vascularity.
    Anyways though bottom line if you aren't shedding the bf you want you'll need to examine the diet, you can look at training and everything else because it is all part of it. But an adjustment needs to be made.

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