Doggcrappin': Cycle for Pennies-- Condensed

Little lengthy read but basically advocated low volume/high weight and high intensity training 4 times a week. Very weird split as well. Relating strength gains directly to size gains for the most part and says 12 sets is too much and is simply depleting glycogen and delaying recovery time. Some of what he says makes sense but he advocates training until the "anabolic response" is reached and no more is necessary. So that's basically implying your body is going to grow the same amount 6 sets as it would from 12 or a least a similar amount and the benefits of more frequent training/strenth gaining/rebuilding phases per year the more growth. I'm skeptical about this one. Even goes onto say "I believe if you, the person reading this, trained the way I am recommending, you will be 20-40lbs of muscle larger in 3 years than if you kept training the way you are presently training. If that offends you or seems ballsy to state-SO BE IT!!!"