Hey guys and gals,
I have a bit of a dilemma on my hand and need some help from some knowledgable peops...
So I was 164 when I started cycle - bf% was 10.9, 5'10", been lifting for 10 plus yrs... was out for a couple months due to my R. Shoulder. I'm now 180
BF% ha probly an 8.+ goal is 7%, waist 291/2"- want it St 28"...
Running TProp @ .75 mgs ed
Primo @ .9 mgs ed
Anavar since wk 6 60 mgs ed
aromasin 25mgs ed hCG 500iu 2xwk
? Is I'm goin on vaca back to Cali tomorrow the 2 at 4 in afternoon til. 9th I return at 11am ... My 8th wk started today - can I load on prop and be 2 1/2 days late on 4th day after pinnin DNS run the anavar out there(or even switch to Sust 350 for 4 wks plus, and extend my cycle returning and reintroducing primo back in cycle(I've heard you can run primo for 14 wks) or can I load up on prop and primo being that it's a short ester and not pct and be 2 1/2 days over 4 day after last pinnin(and reintroduced prop and primo again with anavar when I return? Will going over those days be detrimental and start zip to or can I extend cycle with Sust 350 or keep at 12 wks(or extend , I want to at least run the var down there just need some professional help?? Thanks everyone!!