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Thread: Do I need a SERM for this particular cycle?

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    Do I need a SERM for this particular cycle?

    I am about to start my second cycle of MSTEN (2,17a-dimethyl5a-1-en-17b-ol-3-one). I will be doing a six week cycle this time around versus the four week I did before (several feedbacks that six week is optimum). First cycle was okay but lost most of it later, bad diet I now understand ( posting a second question of diet under the proper forum).This pro-hormone is supposed to be a more mild one and I did not use a SERM the first time. However, my Test levels are way low and I am now on that Andro-gel from my personal physician ( I have been told it is garbage)to bring my levels back up. Anyway, would you recommend a SERM after this cycle as part of my PCT? If so, any particular? I was going to stack but I have been told that stacking is not advisable because of the new (one month) Andro-gel regimen. Any suggestions appreciated.

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    You don't run a pct if you are TRT. I'd never use any kind of PH but You also should wait until your treatment is steady before you consider any kind of cycle.
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    I wouldn't run a PH just top up on your trt when your are stable.
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