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    cardio and catabolism

    Guys my question might sound silly but I would like ask how much cardio can you do without the fear of catabolism with 3 steroids (testo,tren ,boldon) and around 3k calories consumed daily.Iam currently doing 40mins when I awake and another 40after weight training(80mins daily) and I was thinking increase them to 120mins( x3 40mins daily) or is it too much?

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    You are too young and don't have enough knowledge of the products to be using AAS. You should go into PCT immediately before you cause your HTPA irreversible damage.

    The answer to your question depends on the amount of calories you're ingesting minus the amount you're burning. On cycle you want to be in a calorie surplus unless your cutting. Did you calculate your TDEE before beginning your cycle?

    Total Daily Energy Expenditure

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    Bro i disagree iam too young to use roids.
    Iam currently cutting so my calorie intake aint in surplus.
    My tdee is around 3.5k calories daily.
    Bro all i want to know is the "dead" line about how much cardio can i do daily without catabolism fear.
    Are 80mins too much?increase them to 120mins without fear?

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    Everyone is different so there is no exact answer to your question. But there are some principles you can use to reduce the tax on your muscle.

    Low impact for longer periods burns less calories BUT that is because you give the body a chance to use fat (via Citric Acid Cycle) to produce your energy needs. Glucose depletes at the 45 minutes at 70% heart rate point. Your body then goes into anaerobic stages to secure energy from fat.

    So to break it down:

    <45 minutes at 70% you use glucose, your body then has to replenish this afterward and some fat will be used but not a lot. Muscles not impacted to a big degree

    >45 minutes at 70% max heart rate you start actually catabolism via the brain signalling it. Crebs cycle anerobic kicks in and you are burning fat (max) and muscle (min).

    Exposing your body to over 70% heart rate, lifting or cardio, ticks the 45 minute clock. At the end of your workout you might have been at 70% for 45 minutes. So after that your cardio is in "the zone" and 30 minutes-75 minutes is at the same level of burn. Key is to keep your heart rate at 70% max to minimise muscle eating.

    Good luck on your cut!

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