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Thread: Endurance Stack: EQ+HGH+Sust250

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    Endurance Stack: EQ+HGH+Sust250


    Individual is considering running the following cycle:

    125mg of Sus250 every week
    200mg EQ every week
    2iu HGH daily following a 5/2 cycle

    For 12-16 weeks

    PCT (will begin 10-14 days after last pin)
    Nolva at 40/20/20/20

    Before we dive in to critique said cycle,

    1. Is hCG and/or an AI needed for said cycle? At what doses?
    2. If hCG is needed, should it be taken during the cycle or after the cycle but before the PCT?

    I understand that to all BB's this stack is severely lacking. But, for the purposes of raising endurance and stimulating recovery, what are your thoughts?

    Cycle copied from user "Peptide" on this site.

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    Hcg should be used as your natty production would be shutdown. Use 250 ius of hcg twice a week during cycle and up to three days prior to pct.
    125 mgs of tes is basically replacing your natural production. It is a trt dosage so if you have not been diagnosed with low T then I doubt it is going to do much. EQ at 200 mgs a week is a total loser. It will get you rbc count up and increase your apetite (not sure how much at that low dose).
    2 ius a 5/2 for 12-14 week ......hmmmm, this is more of a replacement dosage. HGH needs to be run for 6 months or longer to see results. For example 4 ius 5/2 for 6 weeks is a typical weight loss protocol used.
    What are you looking to accomplish/goals?
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    Why so many post about EQ? Its crap, IMO. You have to run that for a LONG time to see any real benefit. And yes you need hcg and an AI while on cycle. Here is why for AI Here is why for HCG

    And here is all the different ancillary

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    The goal is to train for a a 2nd Iron Man. Long work loads with high volume of training. The cycle is meant to keep test levels up, while allowing for recovery and a small increase in muscle capacity. EQ is for the increase in RBC count, and HGH for recovery.

    Endurance cycle's are an oddity on many boards.

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    I"d at least double the test to 250. Im running EQ at 600 a week.

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