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    many questions in first cycle

    Ok I never done anything before of this nature..I've only ever took what I take now..protein powders and creatine etc and I been working out very consistently for prolly 12 years now and I'm 28 sitting at around 195-200lbs. .just at a stupid plateau and wanna get past it so I was thinking about doing a 12 week cycle of test 250..from what I read I could see good gainz off 250mg a week and I seen I should take like 1/4 pill of arimidex every like 3 days? Is this all true and then what do I need for a pct? Nolvadex ? And a test booster or something I just keep seeing so many different opinions on shit I wanna see what yall can tell me..and also depending on how I'm doing on th4 cycle I was gonna possibly bump it up to 500mg the last 6 weeks ..Please give me full advice on anything I should know as I'm ma newbie..Thank u
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    Start by reading this. It should answer a lot if not most of your questions.

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