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    Always injecting into vein during Glute injections WTF

    For the past few weeks every single time I inject into my glutes I'm getting oil into a vein and going into a coughing fit. I've been aspirating and it's still going on. Only thing I can think of is that I'm moving the needle around too much when I do. It's hard to reach my glutes at times and is really awkward injecting the oil in. Never this problem any where else I inject but I like glutes because it never hurts to inject.

    Any ideas or tips?

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    Have you tried the ventrogluteal site?

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    Funny, the ass is the only place where I can take a shot and never get the cough.

    Everywhere else I got it once or twice

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    Are you using the upper outer quadrant? Take one butt cheek and divide it into quarters, you want to be injecting in the upper outer quarter. Stand bending over slightly to expose the muscle more. Make sure you are at least 1 inch (if very skinny) to 1.5 inches (better for most people) deep in the muscle. Inject slowly and after you push the plunger all the way home wait 10 seconds before withdrawing the needle.

    IMHO usually when you have the problem you have passed through a vein on the way in and if you inject quickly creating a pressurized pocket of AAS at the injection site then when you pull the needle back out the AAS will be forced into the vein, whereas if you inject slowly and wait after the plunger bottoms then the AAS depot will be under less pressure than the vein so it will not be likely to be forced into the vein if you either have passed through on the way in or nick one on the way out.

    Its also been my experience that heating the oil to say 115 degrees before drawing, so that by the time you inject its slightly above body temp (102-105) helps the AAS disperse into the muscle tissue. This in turn will help alleviate pressure in the depot which can lead to AAS passing into a nicked vein. Lots of people will say it makes no difference to them, all I can tell you is I have done A-B tests of heating the AAS on one delt or quad and cold on the other and the warm side has always been much less painful, the same goes for pushing the AAS in very slow (at least 30 seconds per ML) both of these have resulted in less pain and less scar tissue for myself and others who have used this method.

    Another thing to do of course is to try a slightly different area, the glute has a fairly large area that you can hit safely so if you keep finding a vein where you are injecting simply explore a new area.

    Last but not least I assume this is happening on both cheeks? If not and its only happening on one you may have damaged a vein and in this case it would be prudent to give that spot a rest.

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    OK I know I'm going to jinx myself but over the last 5+ years I have only had the cough 1x, not even with tren . I dont know if some people are just more substitutable to it than others or? I use anywhere from 5/8 - 1 1/4, I move a round a lot more than I should, I never heat the oil.

    I'm wondering if it's more something in the gear?

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    If you are injecting tren for me it's a given, I don't care what anyone says about technique I can pin test all day every day with no issue yet guaranteed once every 2-3 weeks tren shots will leave me fkd up in a coughing fit.

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    I've hit a vein in the glute several times myself. I have never had the tren cough but my lips tingle, I get light headed and my heart pounds. I can feel it coming on so I abort the pin and go lay down. When the feeling has passed I go back and pin somewhere else. But it seems it can almost always be traced back to pinning fast and not taking my time.

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