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Thread: Input Please - cutting cyc Test Prop/Tren/Mast + maybe Clen/T3

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    Input Please - cutting cyc Test Prop/Tren/Mast + maybe Clen/T3

    Please help with comments on cyc attached.
    Stats: 38, 5'5", 185lbs, 13.5%bf
    History: Normal test levels ~300 ng/dL (low). 3 Cycles already and this is the first time on Tren /Mast. I also have Gyno from puberty.
    Purpose: To cut and lean mass
    Diet: will post in diet forum. For that I am 100% it is on point

    This cycle specifically, I have been researching for about 2 years now. I think I am ready but now would like some opinions and guidance. (though in doing so, I will probably end up more confused than originally since everyone seems to have different opinions) PCT is Clomid 100/100/100/50

    Input Please - cutting cyc Test Prop/Tren/Mast + maybe Clen/T3-cycle.jpg

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    Week 1
    Test Prop: 75mg EOD, Tren Ace 75mg EOD, Mast 75mg EOD

    Week 2-8
    Test Prop: 75mg EOD, Tren Ace 100mg EOD, Mast 100mg EOD

    HCG ED 500iu (< OR DO YOU THINK 250iu)?
    Arimidex .5mg ED
    Caber .25mg x2 Week

    PCT would be clomid 100/100/100/50 aftter 3-4 days.

    I also have Clen and T3 on hand. Do you think it would be ok to run it on cycle? How much muscle loss are we talking about if I take it?


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    You should be fine using clen and T3 on cycle. Personally I'm a minimalist and wouldn't use both. Your already around 13% bf I doubt you would need both to get into the singe digits with proper dieting and training. Plus if you have any problems while on cycle it will be more easily diagnosed when using less products. If you go with clen then cycle it every two weeks or use it with keto.

    hCG should be dosed at 250ui twice a week

    You said that you've cycled before and I'm sure that you know yourself better than I do but 0.5mg of Adex ED seems like a lot. Adex has a half life of 47 hours and is usually dosed around 0.25-0.5mg EOD when using test at 500-600mg/week.

    Clomid only needs to be front loaded for the first week at 75-100mg/day. The next three weeks can be 50mg/day. Both clomid and nolvadex should be taken for the best chance of having a proper recovery. You benefit more from taking both products because they complement each other. Clomid increases the amplitude of LH serum and nolvadex increases the frequency of LH serum.
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