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    last cycle, looking for suggestions

    Hey peeps, so I am 39 5'8 198 lbs and I am thinking of doing one more cycle of gear before I give up at 40. I was at 213lbs feb/mar and solid muscle. I have been lazy and very unmotivated to hit the gym and I've lost quite a bit of muscle and now have some unwanted fat, belly, handles, etc. I want to take something that is not heavy where I can put on some nice lean muscle and burn my fat so I can see my abs again. My supplier suggested test prop and masteron prop. Thoughts, comments, suggestions. My last cycle ended in early April.

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    Do you know where you stand as far as BW...Give more details about your last cycel exp compunds, length, starting body weight ending, PCT, TDEE. Also before you go begining any other cycle you dont want to have high body if your above 15% i wouldnt even consider any AAS cycle(just me personally) as you run cycles with more bf you increase the risk for sides. Another questionis with your age do you have any medical problems that concern you like blood pressure? Basically need some more info before anyone could give sound advice.

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    Are you in the gym now and for how long?

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