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    Planning first run at Tren need some opinions!

    Hey guys -

    Planning my first run at Tren , and need some help. Cycle wont actually start until Mid October/November though due to some timing, and hoping to get some opinons and see what everyone thinks.

    Purpose: - Lean Bulk

    I am running Test Cyp for TRT - dose is 150 mgs a week. Wanted to keep test dosage lower than Tren, so thought about just sticking with this dose through out.

    8 week cycle.... Didn't want to start TRen at to high or to long.

    Tren Ace: 75 MG EOD for 8 weeks.
    Caber: 1 MG a week - starting week 1, on day 2 - thinking I should split this up into 2 doses. 5 mg 3 days a part?
    Adex: Not needed since TRT dose(?) - I actually don't do Adex per blood test/Dr order on my dose now.
    Test Cyp(figured I would just keep this) 150 mgs shot 1x weekly, Thursday - Dont mind rotating injection sites and knowing it won't always line up.

    Would this be OK? Should I switch to prop when I start or is Cyp ok, just the injection not lining up? Planning to shoot Quads, Hams, Delts, so plenty of sites to rotate.

    Will be around 183 when I start this - around 12%(not sure on the %, since I estimate high) -

    Diet Macros I am looking at, right around maintenance - Wanted to keep it moderate, but not sure if I should trade some fat for carbs? Was thinking with Tren, I could put on some muscle mass eating a tad below maintenance due to the nutrition partitioning it does?
    60 g fat - 540 cal
    250 protein - 1000 cal
    300 carb - 1200 cal

    Planning to do MISS 2x a week, and HIIT 3 times a week(if I can...depends on Tren)

    Thanks for the help!

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    what is your cycle history?

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    1 cycle(13 weeks) of 500 mgs test cyp
    1 cycle(14 weeks) of 500 mbs test cyp and 600 mgs EQ(upp'd to 800 mgs for the last 4 weeks)

    TRT for the last year @ 150 a week.

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