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    Need Help With Clen/T3

    I ordered some clen and T3 from this site's sponsor, after reading some good reviews on them. Also want to say thanks to the community for all the guides and support! It's been a tremendous help.

    This will be my first cutting cycle that isn't all natural and I wanted to get a good cycle plan from you guys.

    I'm 5'11" 230, 20 y/o, high protein, medium carb, low fat diet

    About 30 hours of cardio a week (from work) along with plenty of strength training. Because I live in the desert and do a lot of manual labor, should I be more concerned and extra cautious about using a thermogenic in regards to heat stroke/exhaustion? I usually take plenty of breaks and drink upwards of 2-4 gallons of water a day.

    Thanks again, I'll be coming back and posting results and asking for help if I need it, and hopefully at some point giving others the same advice you gave me!

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    You need to be careful. Moreso than most due to your work situation. Your internal body temp will increase from this. You def need to proceed with some caution & pre planning. Good for you for posting the question.
    Drink fluids but importantly replace electrolytes, potassium is important as well.
    Do you have a dosing plan?

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    Work does not replaces cardio
    Unless ur a bicycle carrier
    Check your pulse if its not constant 140-150 its not a cardio work out

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    with clen you MUST start very low dosage and step up slowly to avoid possible and serious complications. I posted a thread on clen a while back, check it out for some more info.....

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    I push carts by hand, I'm running uphill pushing 10-15 carts at a time in the heat haha.

    I usually keep up with electrolytes and all that, I know how to be safe in the heat but I was looking for extra precautions because of the nature of the work. Also, yeah I'm looking to start very low and work my way up to a very mild dose

    What do you think of just a few t3 cycles for the next couple months? I get moved to the night shift next month so I can save the clen for then. Safety is more important to me than having an extra edge, to an extent

    This will be one of my final cuts because I'm going into the military and plan to go natural again after that
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