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    Talking Let the Games begin...

    Well I am one happy MoFo...Started my new cycle today...wish me luck and I will keep you all posted on results...
    I started at 600mg/Eq, 150mg/Prop,and splitting up my Dbol with 4 doses equaling 50mgs throughout today, Liquidex. Day one only then as stated below.

    BTW, my GF is taking pic's starting today also and will post them as I progress. Starting at 238lbs 10-12%BF, 6'2". Let the games begin.

    Dbol 50mg/day ----week 1 thru 4
    Eq 600mg/week--- week 1 thru 8(split 300mg/bi/weekly)
    Prop 75mg/day-----week 1 thru 10
    Fina 50mg/day -----week 5 thru 10
    Liquidex .5mg/day -week 1 thru 10
    Milk Thistle now until post Dbol 1000mg/day
    Clomid three days post last Prop/Fina shot.

    Its amazing how starting a new cycle will make you feel.

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    That looks like it's gonna' be a kick ass cycle dude! Good luck and be safe!

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