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    Cardio Improvements on anavar/test P

    Currently running a cycle of Test Prop and anavar , Test prop at 100mg EOD, and Var at 100mg ED. I've ran test before but this is first time for Anavar. Diet is High protein, balanced fat and low carb- cutting diet.

    I am 10 days in, and noticing pronounced hardness, strength and energy improvements. Also I report amazing pumps that are drastic, but not painful. My training focus is on lifting, using a 5x5 rep scheme. Cardio in the past I was doing very little or none.

    The point of this post is to discuss the effects to my cardio performance that have happened already. In the past, I have struggled with cardio, never enjoying it, but forcing my way through.

    After starting anavar, my cardio ability has improved dramatically. Even how it feels to do cardio is much more fun and enjoyable. My overall athleticism is much better!

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    Are u taking your var dose all at once or splitting it?

    Sounds like your responding to it nicely

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    doing the var at 50mg twice a day, every 12 hours.

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    Yes, it just hit for me too and this is second week of Var. First week was very hard on me but now that my body is familiar it is all good.

    The back muscles seem to respond most to the Var (for me).
    Cardio seems better for intensity @ 60-90 minutes. Over 90 minutes cardio drops like a rock.
    I notice localized endema on one ankle from the Var which started at 80 mg and increased at 100 mg. Definitely would not want to do more than 100.

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