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    Slingshot method training. dosages and tren questions

    My first blast with the slingshot method
    8 weeks tren e 600mg a week and test e 250mg a week
    2 weeks deload just test e 250mg to keep stable levels of test
    And now I'm on week 2 of test e 500 equipoise 500

    After my best cycle yet (tren) and reloading with what might be a low dose of test and equipoise when compared to the tren at 600mg I was wondering if this dose is too low and I could lose gains? I know ronnie rowlands method says he had known guys to lose gains whilst doses were too low.. shall I just be patient with it and up dosage when needed or is it too risky?

    Any one have experience of compounds to use after tren in a slingshot blast? My stats and cycle history are in the new members forum


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    what are your stats?
    why are you staying on cycle so long and being shut down for all those weeks?
    are you on trt or do you do pct?
    there are safer and far more productive cycles out there than the one you posted for the regular user.

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    Thanks for the reply. My stats are age 31, 5ft 8 been lifting on and off for 11 years weight 75 kilos bf 12%

    Yes I apreciate you'll say go back to Natural training and nail diet.. I have done my diet is on form now making good lean gains, strength increases too.
    Ive been bigger before as a natural in my 20s but im 31 now natural training is much slower for me now than it used to be.

    Not on trt no. I used a trt dose of test through my 1st reload with 600mg tren and then continued the test through the 2 week deload and now im on week 2 of test e 500 equipoise 500 reload.

    I've found it difficult staying consistent whilst cycling as my job and lifestyle is extreme! So I want to stay on for a while. My first two cycles were b2b so about 16 weeks and recovery was great

    im using hcg now through my blast and my balls arenin top form... no shrinkage no problems...

    I already have a 3 year old daughter and no plans for any more children just yet so I'm happy to blast for a while. I totally understand the risks and keep a keen eye on my health!
    I eat well plenty of fruit and vegg protein and I feel great.

    I am just a regular user yes! And have cycled before my decisions to blast are made and im already on my 2nd reload and enjoying it.

    happy with my gains and progress at the moment I will pct later this year. I am definately not looking to complicate my blast further by adding hgh and fat burners I think using the hormones and hcg is enough for me. And like to stay as healthy as possible

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