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Thread: O/S Cycle.

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    Question O/S Cycle.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'm relatively new to AAS cycles, this being my second. I realise there is a lot to learn, and am embracing this, so feel free to leave comments.

    30yrs old male.
    Training 12 years on/off. Last 3 years consistently. 3-4 times a week.
    Cardio 5 mins / day.

    Weight: 78kg. 5"11. Guesstimated 12% BF. Natural levels reached last year at 88-89kg, then I cutted to 73kg (was too long, but again learning......)

    Approx Daily Totals: 3000-3200Cals. Can't seem to get more down??? Suggestions?
    2 protein shakes a day.
    TDEE (non AAS) is only 2200cals! Just from trial and error.

    Goal: Conservative Lean Bulk. eg BF15%.
    Protein 230g +/-. 3 Fish Oil Tabs
    Milk Thistle x 1 tab (140mg Legalon).

    Duration of Cycle only 3.5 -12 weeks. Return to home country and hoping to continue my cycle, but dependant on availability (Test Cyp or Prop hopefully). Don't burn me haha

    Currently on:
    800mg Test Cyp / week
    Sus250mg x 2 week
    Dbol oral 40mg / Day (1hr before workout)

    PCT planned 2 weeks after last test injection (Nova 40mg /wk)

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    First, let me save you a lot of pain.

    If you are going to cycle to bulk and not cycle to cut you are wasting your time and money. Go buy a walkman or Ipod or Iphone instead. Your body, in all its natural glory, does not CARE where it catabalizes from when you lose weight. It eats fat, muscle,anything. So all that hard work you did pushing to bulk was not that productive overall. So why do you use a cutting cycle?

    Testosterone and tren especially protects muscle (via different mechanisms). So when your body would be burning your muscle tren or test says..nope...there is a hurdle you have to go over to do that...and your body wants the path of least resistance....hence it will attack the fat first. If you want to know more on the how there are a lot of documents out there on it. 250-350 test seems to be the feedback on this site as to the level of test needed to protect the muscles. A small dose (200) of tren a week with the test and you are at the max protection of muscle (estrogen plays a role but no one does enough bloods to truly consider that as an avenue).

    So now you know unassisted cuts form an assisted bulk is not that smart.

    As far as your cycle 800 test with workout over 12 weeks should add 20+ kilo lbm no matter what you do AS LONG AS you are 500-1000 over TDEE, 55% protein macro. This is a document lab trial via the FDA that shows a 20 week 600 mg a week cycle with no gym routine gave 15KG lbm and 7 fat loss. I see a failure point on how you arrived at your TDEE. Calculate it and live by it. SOme people do not like to eat and on cycle it is much harder to eat (most people) and has to be forced fed many times.

    3.5-12 weeks.....if you dont have the stability to dedicate time 100% to your cycle do not do it...just wasting your money.

    A lot of things you need to ramp up and get a basic feeling for before you go and make the same mistakes as before.

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    Thanks man, I'll push my calorie intake up with more liquids etc. and double check my TDEE. it's likely I'll keep doing the cycle for 2 more months once I get home.

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