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    dropping test prop 1 or 2 weeks out?

    Holding some water from my prop. Only a little. Should I drop it 2 weeks out from show or 1 week just to be safe? I am in physique class.

    I do plan on adding upping my var dose from 50 to 100mg once I drop the drop though.

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    Ay mate, this is off topic but what dosages are U running and what have u experienced so far with fat loss and muscle gain? I'm about to start very similar cycle as contest prep for physique.

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    it takes about 2-4 weeks to lose the water, depending on body, so the sooner the better if you want leaner look.

    foe me it takes about 4 week to lose the water from cycle.

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    Cut the test in half for the time being and see how your looking after 3 days, if things are no different and your carrying water weight try some water manipulation and drop the test 5-7 days out

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