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    Question about sterilisation

    hi guys I'm new here and not sure if this is the right place to post this question - iv been looking around and haven't really been able to find the answer I'm looking for in regards to sterilisation.

    apparently the spam filter is not liking my question so i have to word it differently - if i had a bottle of solvent to dissolve a powder in a sterile vial but the bottle is a screw top, and i just unscrew it to draw out the solvent with a needle then inject into the vial - will it no longer be sterile and make me sick if i inject? and also can i recap the bottle for use later?

    any thoughts would be greatly appreciated


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    Never heard of something like that that unscrews and I guess it could yea it have bacteria get into solvent after opens

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    Are you sure that the bottle of solvent is sterilized? With a screw top I bet it is not. What type of powder are you trying to mix up? Home brew or like a peptide or hcg ?

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    yeah I'm reconstituting IGF1-lr3 with 0.6%AA, i usually source in sterile 5ml vials but got 250mls for economical reasons and it arrived with a screw top so i was like wtf? i was thinking like with amps, it gets exposed to the air when you snap the top and its not really the end of the world but you don't recap an amp... i got the bottle because it was less hassle than making it myself and having to filter and sterilise everything but i might have to get filters anyway by the looks of it...

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