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    Looking for critics on cycle: Reverse Precontest/Peak times

    First Post: Been at a few other forums (posting at one) just monitoring others. This forum seems to stay on track/point. I'm hoping to learn a lot from y'all and share my experiences and knowledge with those I can help. I am a big advocate of researched backed/factual information; but sometimes personal experiences are extremely useful! So all are welcomed!

    Current Stats:
    Weight-(fasted) 198lb
    Bf%- apx. sub 8%(full front abdominal wall showing without flexing/Obliques clearly visible while flexing)
    Age: 24(trt monitored)

    Training history: Has always been for sports performance. I have just transitioned into BBing: Slipped disc. L4, preventing me from improving lifts for now. competitively lifting for 8 years.

    Diet: Monitored and adjusted weekly, current: 4727 calories, 119G fats, 535g carbs, 379g protein

    Compound history:
    Test, P E
    Deca /Tren , A E
    Dbol , winny, var, adrol, halotest,

    Dose history (highest):
    test- 1g
    tren- 650mg
    deca- 800mg

    Now that the basics have been covered:

    Current cycle: Recomp Goal... Add two pounds a week until 220. Drop Bf sub 7% then maintain
    Test P 700mg
    Mast 700mg
    Tren A 350mg
    Winny 350mg

    Wk 7-10
    Test P 700mg
    Mast 700mg
    Tren A 350mg
    Deca 700mg

    Wk 10-16(goal to drop test/mast and smooth transition over to Test E) keeping anabolic high
    Test P 200mg
    Test E 250mg
    Tren A 350mg
    Tren E 400mg
    Deca 700mg

    Wk 16-22
    Test E 250mg
    TrenA/E 750mg
    Deca 300mg
    Mast 700mg

    Wk 22 on(At this point I should in theory be at target weight and will maintain for 3 months; will transition back to strength training)
    Test E 250mg
    Deca 300mg

    My main concern is peak times for compounds and making sure my transition will be smooth to keep as constant weight gain as possible. I am a big advocate of 19-nors, as you can tell. Deca has done wonders for me and have never had issues running higher doses or multiple 19-nors. Most of my sides are androgen related reason for wanting to drop it to trt level.
    Any other suggestions are more then welcomed!


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    I saw no one replied so I figured I would read this and say what came to mind.

    It seems to me that your doses are all a little too high. I am not commenting on Mast because I haven't used that one though. I am 3 inches taller than you and about 15lbs heavier so I would venture to say we are around the same size and I can tell you that I would not need nearly those doses, probably half, if I wanted to see gains.

    I know our genes/training/diet will vary but it is just something to keep in mind. I tried using high doses of 19nors like that once and got gyno that almost never went away. I am just one of those guys who gets gyno easy from deca and tren unfortunately, it is good you are not. If you can handle it then go for it. I tend to play it safe when it comes to steroid use so maybe I am just not as committed to using.

    Are you on TRT? You made it seem like you are. If you are not then I would shorten the cycle so as not to suppress your HPTA for that long. If you are on TRT then you are good to go.

    The only other things that come to mind is HCG and your AI and PCT since those weren't mentioned. Then again, if you are on TRT then that rules out the HCG and PCT but you are definitely going to want some AI and PA.

    Are you planning on getting bloodwork during? I would recommend it since you are using so much, high risk. Like I said, if you asked my opinion I would say it is too much, too complex, but if you can handle it then go for it. And keep a log on here so I can follow.

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    I appreciate the input! I am on TRT, which is why I did not mention the PCT.
    As for AI I generally use arimidex but I am experimenting with letro as of now. I also use ramox for a gyno issue of my own. Also have tamoxifen .
    As far as doses I've always been under the impression that gear is underdosed quite often. So I started experimenting with higher doses monitoring side effects and increase strength/size. These would be the highest doses to date.
    As far as mast, being such a mild compound I feel 700mg is not excessive.

    Currently on wk 7:
    I went from 213 cut a little too hard dropping to 192: and now sitting around 200lb. Much leaner.

    Will be getting a blood test done in next week or two.

    I'd be happy to keep a log and show progress.

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