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    Need help with first cycle!!

    I need help decicding what to use and how much to use! I finally hit a wall with working out. ive changed alot in the years ive been working out but I cant gain mass anymore. Im 6'1 185 pounds and just trying to bulk up! So if anyone could give me some advise id apperciate it. Thanks guys and girls

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    post up your diet in the nutrition section so we can analyze it. Easiest area to miss the boat on. Biggest area for improvement. if you are not eating correctly, regardless of time in the gym, then AAS won't be as effective. If you do not eat enough Cals/Protein, then cycle gains will diminish post cycle. There's a reason why you see the big guys constantly eating chicken and really anything they can get their hands on. You have to be an eating machine if you want to get big

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    What's you tdee? Micro split?

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